® Clermont-Ferrand’s Superior National School of Chemistry


A fundamental aspect of the training of our student-engineers resides in the development of their capacities to adapt to cultures different from theirs because of internationalization in their future career. This aspect can be covered by traditional lecturers (scientific English, Spanish/Chinese/German courses as second language, Chemistry lecturers delivered in English, recruitement of international students, lecturers delivered by foreign professors), but can also be implemented by the means of training periods abroad during their curriculum. The training of the future engineer thus includes immersion in a company and/or research laboratory allowing a “real life” experience. It is thus essential that, during the training of our student, we can offer them a training period, either in an industrial setting or in an academic research laboratory with an international opening. In addition, the commission that approves the delivery of our diploma (CTI) demands that an international opening be offered to the students as part of their training.

The ENSCCF thus encourages its students to benefit from opportunities offered to carry out, during their studies, one or more placements abroad thanks to a well-established network of partners (university and industry). The objective is for our future graduates to have had the opportunity to carry out such a placement from 2 to 27 months.

Another way of exposing our students to the international cultures is to welcome foreign students within our School. For that, we established modes of admission of foreign students on all the levels of teaching:
- CHEMIST program (L1 level),
- Admission on qualification,
- n+i network (Master level).